Canon Irista 2017 / 2018

5. Storytelling in Albums


Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
For Web, iOS and Android


From Albums to Memories.

      In this project we looked at creating an Unique Selling Proposition for Canon Users. We created a proposal to move from photo storage to storytelling, allowing the user to craft visual stories with the re-ordering of images, layout and insertion of text. This feature will allow users to create a deeper connection with the platform  by becoming the place to create stories and memories after the photos have been taken.

    Combined with existing features in Canon Irista, such as private sharing and collaborators, users can share one album one memory privately with their friends so that they all curate their story.

    For hobbyist and semi-professional Photographers it also means an opportunity to curate and expose their work easily straight from their photo storage platform, by sharing the album with a public link to be exposed to potential clients and grow their network around their work.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Web Album Layout Examples

    To allow users to interact seamless with the product, a drag and drop interaction was designed. This interaction allows the user to grab any image and drop it anywhere else in the album, quickly moving pictures around to edit the layout of the album. This interaction is signalised by the cursor, which changed to a hand-grab when hovering an image. Dragging an object Photo or Text is signalised with a thumbnail, a hand cursor, and when dragging multiple objects, the cursor also displays a counter. The place where the photos will be dropped is highlighted by a red line that surfaces between the images by increasing the padding between the grid as if preparing to accommodate the new image being dropped.

︎ Check our prototype here.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Web Interaction Design

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Web Drag & Drop Interaction - Detail

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Web Responsive Design

    Part of our strategy to reinforce storytelling has a core action in our product was to deliver this feature to the mobile apps — Android and iOS  so that users could not only view but also create their stories anywhere from their mobile device.

    Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
    iOS Storytelling in Albums

    Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
    Android Storytelling in Albums

“As a user, I want the photos in my albums to be organised, curated and displayed in a meaningful way, and complemented by text and maps so that my albums show my work in meaningful and relevant ways”


“The aim of Suggested Albums is to help users organise their collection to get more from their photos, by surfacing the best group of images using Smart Photo Selection, and suggesting albums of memorable events so that photos of emotional significance are organised effortlessly.”
Business Goals

Growth Easily create Albums that can be easily shared.

Retention Make users less likely to leave the platform by increasing emotional connection and loss amount.

Monetisation — Facilitate the way print products are generated around a automatic group of photos.

Aurelien Guichard  Product Owner

Laszlo Csernetics  Product Manager
Joao Gil  Lead UX & Product Designer
Giles Perry    UX & Product Designer
Robin Dorpe  Lead iOS Developer
Lampros Gkotsoulias   Lead Android Developer Lang Adam  Android Developer
Igor Nakonetsnoi  iOS Developer