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4. Suggested Albums


Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
For Web, iOS and Android


Smart Albums, Suggested Memories.

This project looks at removing the burden of a repetitive flow in for any Photographer - organising their collection by creating albums or folders with their photos; Albums are very important to Photographers, as they represent a more curated space for their most important moments captured through photography.
Nevertheless, our user-led insights have surfaced album creation as a time-consuming task. Following those insights, we looked at opportunities to use computer vision and intelligent algorithms to create tailored and meaningful albums and present them to the user.

Experience Principles
  1. Surfacing Discovering Suggested Albums should be easy and part of the User’s Album Flow.
  2. Saving Users should select which Sugested Albums to keep in their Albums Collection.
  3. Relevance Ensure Suggested Albums are relevant to the user.

The user journey was designed to be clear and consistent with the existing albums flow.
By navigating to their Albums tab, users can find Suggested Albums. These new album cards are highlighted by being positioned in a Horizontal Carousel on the top of the page, and by their size and different aspect ratio.

The user can then click on each of the cards to view the photos automatically selected for that suggested album; the user can then choose to  Save, Share, Create Photobook or Delete the album. This ensures that a suggestion is not forced on the user album collection, but rather individually picked according to each user.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Stage: Research & Requirements

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Stage: User Flow

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Screenshot: Anatomy of Albums

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Feature: Recipe Diversity

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Feature: Hover States

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Featured: iOS Screens

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Featured: iOS Flow

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Featured: Android Screens

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
Featured: Android Flow

“As a user, I want my collections of photos organised in a meaningful way because finding relevant photos and organising my memories into albums is painful and time consuming.”


“Help users organise their collection to get more from their photos by surfacing the best group of images using Smart Photo Selection, by suggesting albums of memorable events so that photos of emotional significance are organised effortlessly.”
Business Goals

Growth — Automatically create albums that can easily be shared.

Retention Make users less likely to leave the platform by increasing emotional connection and loss amount.

Monetisation — Facilitate the way print products are generated around a automatic group of photos.

Aurelien Guichard  Product Owner

Laszlo Csernetics  Product Manager
Joao Gil  Lead UX & Product Designer
Giles Perry   UX & Product Designer
Robin Dorpe  Lead iOS Developer
Lampros Gkotsoulias   Lead Android Developer Lang Adam Android Developer
Igor Nakonetsnoi iOS Developer