Canon Irista 2017 / 2018

3. Sharing Improvements


Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
For Web, iOS and Android


Sharing Improvements

This project looks at improving sharing mechanics for Irista users by making clear distinctions between inviting a user to an Album or sharing a public Album link.

The starting point was to address problems identified during usability testing of the sharing feature after the introduction of “Collaborative Albums” by the previous team. This feature allows two users registered in Irista to co-own an Album and thus share easily photos from their Irista account. This was unclearly explained in the Interface and user testing revealed unclarity regarding the feature and its flows.

The bried has limited scope - No changes to the API meant we had to redesign the feature with certain constraints from the previous iteration.

Some of the key challenges surfaced included:

  • Users don’t understand the two different Sharing Options
  • The benefits of each sharing option was not clearly explained
  • Single entry point for two sharing options
  • Unclear Modal with two sharing options stacked

We addressed this issue by creating distinct entry points to a tabbed modal that allows the user to either send and Invite or create a public link, creating a clearer distinction of the outcome. An explanation of the feature and it’s utility was also added to further educate about the users about the differences between the two flows.

Sharing Type

• Link
• Public - Anyone with the link can view the album without signing in
• Users can’t modify the album.

• Anyone with the link can access the album until the link is deleted.

• Invite
• Users can edit the album and add images and text to the AlbumUsers can add the album to their Irista Album Collection.

• Album is kept private at all times and only the person with the email address can join the album.
• Users without an Irista account will have to create an account to join and view the Album.

The following screen illustrates some of the annotations made to represent some of the difficulties experienced by our users during the sharing flow. Key concerns regarding a single entry point for two distinct flows and unclarity regarding two different sharing mechanisms as well as the ambiguity of the word “Collaborate”.

Research for Canon Irista / 2018
Before Annotations of the problems on the previous UI

We started our intervention by creating a single modal with a tab for each of the sharing modes. We have alsoi renamed them to clearer labels: Link and Invite

As we previously explained, both forms of sharing have their advantages, but users reported not understanding the differnence so we created a caption under each tab that explains what does it mean to hsare with an Invite or with a link.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
After — Improvements Annotations: Modal

Further changes were made to the interface with clear labelled call to actions, to “Send Invites” and social media iconography. Lastly feedback messages were added for users to have a clear visual confirmation at the end of the flow.

The double tabbed modal allowed to create two distinct entrypoints in the albums page but surfacing to the user an alternative form of sharing by flicking through the tabs.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
After Improvements Annotations: Entrypoints

Take a closer look at the followind carroussel reprsented some of the featured screens of this project in which is possible to see different key states of the flow, hover states and some interactive elements:

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
After Featured Screens

The following flow illustrates the complexity of this project but how the experience is optimised by allowing the user to start the sharing flow from either entrypoints and to switch between sharing modes depending on the most apporpriate sharing mechanic for the job at hand.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
After Sharing Flow

The importance of this project was also highlighted on the mobile applications and we worked of aligning all the platforms while trying to keep consistent with native patterns.

Below you can see an example of a simplified iOS flow.

Joao Gil for Canon Irista / 2018
After iOS Sharing Flow


The percentage of albums shared increased, reaching 35% following the months after the release, meaning that over one in three albums is now shared.

The percentage of accepted invites also went up by 20% compared with the same period last year, translating in an improvement of 50% improvement in the number of invitees per album.

Aurelien Guichard  Product Owner

Laszlo Csernetics  Product Manager
Joao Gil   UX & Product Designer
Giles Perry   UX & Product Designer
Robin Dorpe  Lead iOS Developer
Lampros Gkotsoulias   Lead Android Developer Lang Adam Android Developer