1. Pico Blitz

Joao Gil for KRAM / WEISSHAAR 2016
Project Picó Blitz

Intoxicating Dance.

PICÓ BLITZ is a mobile bass reflex subwoofer sound system that manipulates mirror images with the power of sound.

The installation is inspired by traditional Colombian Picó sound systems designed to “amplify the bassline and stimulate dancers”, but replaces the typical fabric membrane of the speaker with an eye-catching reflective surface. The system combines a flexible mirror with powerful loudspeakers and uses sound vibrations to transform dancers’ reflections as they move to the beat.

PICÓ BLITZ’s slick reflective surface is made from 25mm thin polyethylene terephthalate mirror foil mounted on an aluminium frame.

When activated, the bass line creates concave and convex distortions in the reflective foil and the beat vibrates the surface to produce stroboscopic blurring effects. As the music plays, rhythms correspond with vibrating reflections to create an intoxicating interactive experience.

PICÓ BLITZ features a Subwoofer bass reflex array (F3=32Hz) composed of four 18” 1000W AES Fane Colossus 18XB woofers on a 12000W D-class amplifier with integrated DSP line-in XLR.

The sound system combines a powerful array of high-end speakers set in an all black flight case with anodised aluminium fittings and casters.

All Credits Reserved to KRAM / WEISSHAAR
For Plus Gallery Milano