Canon Irista 2017 / 2019

1. Lifecake —  Print Revenue

Joao Gil for Lifecake / 2017
For iOS and Android


Effortless Print.

In this project we looked at increasing print revenue to close the 2017 year in style, and lay the foundations for 2018.

We looked at creating a flow on mobile in which we would create auo-generated books, ready to be printed for Lifecake users while improving existing user-journeys.
Lifecake is a photo cloud for families to share their photos privately. Auto-generated books follows a simple flow in which users are invited to see a book prepopulated with the user best content. The books are prepoluated around strategic times of the year, including family festivities and national holidays.
By removing the burden of selecting which pictures to print, our algorithm combines views, favourites and image quality to find which pictures to print.

Ed Botterill  Product Owner
Pauline Salendre   Product Manager
Dean Frankhauser - Lead Product Designer
Joao Gil   UX Designer
Anton Òdena   UI Designer
Alex Davies-Moore   Lead Backend Developer
Artjom Popov   Lead iOS Developer
Sean Burtenshaw   Lead Web Developer
Silvia De Cesare   Lead Android Developer