Difusor  2019

1. Enigma EP


Joao Gil for Difusor Productions 

Enigma EP - Special Edition

Enigma is the first EP release by Difusor Productions. To celebrate another step in this young collective of producers, we have teamed to deliver a cover design and a limited edition partnership with 50 Artists to deliver 50 unique artwork covers based on each artist’s response to the tracks of this release. 

On your left you can see an example of CD cover designs in selection stage and above some of the selected examples by Portuguese artist Filipa Camacho.

The challenge becomes the design of a label that includes all information, previously spread over the cover and booklet.

Design elements facilitate the reading of this information and attached is a QR code that leads to Difusor’s website, expanding their reach.

The project will culminate on an exhibition and performances to be anounced later this fall
Créditos: Filipa Camacho
Exposição 12x12, edição de 2016