Canon Companion App  2018

1. City Stories

Joao Gil for Canon Companion / 2018
For iOS and Android


Photograph, travel — learn.

        City stories is a feature that allows users to tour cities around the world, and photograph them in a way never experienced before with insights and tutorials from professional photographers.

This project looked at redesigning this feature, highlighting the Map has a primary guide to find interest points nearby. Pins on the map indicate locations of interest and by tapping on them a sheet is surfaced with more information about the location. Users can then intiutively drag the sheet upwards, expanding the tutorial page - allowing seamless swap between the tutorial and the map view.

This feature was much requested and beloved from our users, since it allows new ways to explore cities at different times to take photographs with different angles, compositions and light - while allowing the users to visit interest points around the world.

These improvements aim to facilitate the way a user navigates between using the map and reading the tutorial article.

Companion App ︎

Samantha Jonin  Product Manager
Joao Gil  Lead UX & Product Designer
Joe Riley  Lead iOS Developer
Botond Butuza   Lead Android Developer Istvan Gabor Fodor   Android Developer
Gabor Maku   iOS Developer
Norbert Somlai   Backend DeveloperAgi Wojcik   Lead Content